About Us Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, a country in the shape of a teardrop lies in the Indian Ocean, below the vast landmass of India. Sri Lanka is an incredibly vast assortment of captivating activities.

For sand and surf, Sri Lanka has over twenty dazzling white beaches that ring the island. Besides lying in the sun, Sri Lanka offers the opportunity to swim with dolphins, go whale watching, try out scuba diving at world class destinations, surf or snorkel.

Wildlife in Sri Lanka is nothing short of impressive. There are more than 440 speciesof birds, 33 of which are endemic to the island. Sri Lankan forests have the highest density of leopards in the world. The country is home to the largest herd of wild elephants and when driving through the countryside it is quite common to come across elephant herds on the roads. Wildlife is everywhere you look- crocodiles, monitor lizards, deer and more. For a more structured experience, the safaris and national parks are pleasantly relaxed and undeniably breathtaking.

Ancient cities and temples abound with Sri Lanka boasting eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. Sri Lanka has a long and proud ancient history, over 2,500 years, making exploration nearly limitless. Sri Lankans are very friendly and helpful and have agreat respect for life and nature. Their ability to overcome challenges never ceases to amaze us. Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate in the region, high health standards, vast natural resources, and substantial conservation policies. Spice and tea plantations are famous in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, and cardamom are just some available in the gardens. You may also have heard of saffron or Ceylon teaand if not a trip to the plantations in Sri Lanka will be sure to open your eyes to a new favorite.

Welcome to Sri Lanka, a land full of smiles, beauty and endless fun!